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Since 1993 we share with our customers our passion for MULTIHULLS: after winning the regatta GIRAGLIA with a trimaran CORSAIR number 31, we started to introduce in Mediterraneano "strong and light" REAL MULTIHULLS, able to sail safely to the maximum comfort. The structure of a catamaran must withstand tremendous stresses during navigations with bad weather: - compression tree - degil hulls twist - pull the Landes And 'essential that these efforts are balanced by an extremely strong structure. We chose to represent MULTIHULLS REAL, NOT "HOUSE BOATS - CARAVANS" built in compliance with these requirements.

From time to time, we are pleased to add more products or projects that satisfy our sense of aesthetics and sailing fun: - Fast as the wind - only 0.50 -1.50 m. Pick - safety due to unsinkable - high comfort (reduced pitching) - the maintenance over time of their commercial value.

We are proud to offer the best and most efficient MULTIHULLS the world built in series between the 33 'and 130' feet and to assist you with our free advice and according to your browser, to define the size, layout , model, funding, accessories etc. of your ideal boat.

We have received numerous testimonies of gratitude for our assistance to Italian and foreign shipowners who love the Mediterranean.

Thank you for your interest in our products: you'll find direct connections with the manufacturers we represent in Mediterraneano. Do not hesitate to contact us also to receive the latest list of MULTIHULLS and traditional sailing boats and motor yachts.

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