Zandstraat 7
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At the heart of one of the most beautiful and easily accessible boating regions of the Netherlands, you will find the Zandmeren recreational area. is located at the waterside, between the rivers Meuse and Waal. From this location we sell and buy boats in various price brackets. We do not have a huge number of boats on offer, so we know the details of every boat inside out. With our passion for water sports, our technical knowledge of boats, and our strong network of specialist tradesmen in our marina, we are in an ideal position to help you.
We are truly interested in the unique story of your boat, and we will listen closely when you tell us about your wishes and needs. Whether you are looking to sell or buy a boat, we will be happy to advise, guide and support you along the way.

We are, and we tailor our services to your requirements." ...Read full bio