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£ 375,000
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KER - 40+

Sailing BoatsRacing BoatsManufacturer KERModel 40+

Arabella's DNA is highly competitive IRC and ORCi racing and most recently she has been optimized with the cutting-edge technology that is being employed by the UK FAST 40 race circuit.

This circuit has pushed the boundaries when it comes to IRC rating optimization and this boat will be a strong competitor on any start line, anywhere in the world.
Although configured for inshore racing currently, the hull and structure have the ability to race on a variety of race courses, including coastal and offshore courses with some simple modifications.
This is genuinely a fully optimized and turn-key race boat, ready for a 2020 campaign, that has been professionally maintained since new.

Engine & Gearboxes:
New Yanmar 30hp engine added 2019
Gori folding racing propellor.

Maintenance & Performance:
Systems install and commissioning by Alpha Plus UK Ltd. with extensive modifications all through the boat history and works done is documented and is available on request.

Electrical Systems:
Full house rewire to lighten all battery wiring systems and improve.
Full Super B lithium ion battery upgrade with 3 x house batteries and 1 x engine start.

Plumbing Systems:
All plumbing removed to reduce weight.
Custom bilge pump installation with carbon brackets - 7 pumps.

Allisport aluminium lightweight fuel tank (40ltr).
Original fuel system removed to reduce weight, with new lighter alternative installed.

Alpha Plus built drop down painted steel shipping cradle.
Covers, Canvas & Cushions:
Full custom covers, bags etc.

Fabricated Hollow fin, new fin is 150kg lighter than the original solid fin.
It is constructed of approximately 7 sections, welded together then machined on each side. Composite fairings and skins in e-glass. With Aquament fin to hull fasteners.
The keel fin was moved forward by 90mm in December 2018, completed by Alpha Plus UK Ltd. to structural drawings supplied by Kerr Yacht Design.

Optimization History:
Bow stem and forward hull section modification. Stem Vertically dropped around 100mm and faired back into hull by 3 Meters.
The transom was extended by 60mm to the maximum Fast40+ rule length by previous owner. Works carried out by Alpha Plus UK Ltd. to drawing supplied by Kerr Yacht Design.
Arabella has undergone full geometry checks, before and after the rudder and keel move to ensure symmetry and alignment of the appendages.
Throughout her life, in depth weight studies have been undertaken to always ensure the highest performance possible.
No expense has been spared in the maintenance and running of Arabella, the boat has been lightened both in 2017 and 2018 to increase downwind performance.

A new Yanmar 3YM30AE engine was installed during the 2018/19 winter refit, to increase motoring speed to new Fast40+ class rules, while also increasing reliability and the ability to take part in events further afield.
A Gori saildrive propeller is also installed.
The Jib car system and pit garage has been extensively modified to allow the jib car to be adjusted under full sheet load while sailing upwind, to tighter angles.
The winch pedestal system gearing has been modified and re-geared to increase line-speed on primaries to approximately 1:2.7. (2 alternative gear options available in stores).
A new dropline wheel was built to adjust the gearing of this system to suit the pedestal, making for very fast hoists and drops.

The upgraded longer bowsprit is stiffer than the original, with a 2kg weight saving.
The mast collar area and halyard runs have been modified to increase efficiency and easier systems maintenance.
The mast heel was adjusted by Alpha Plus UK Ltd. upon arrival.
The mast has been wet sanded and polished to improve windage and flow onto sails.

Boat always stored under cover - has never spent a winter outside.

"Arabella" (ex-Pace)
Built by McConaghy Boats and launched August 2016.
Ker 40+ Hull #4 - Full Grand Prix Specification

LOA: 12.60m
LWL: 11.90m
BOA: 4.18m
Displacement: 4024kg
IRC: TCC 1.270

Hull construction:
Ker 40+ has been designed and built in accordance with requirements of ISO 12215 Category A.
DVN/GL Approval (Germanischer Lloyd).
Hull, deck & superstructure construction from Carbon Fibre/Foam/Epoxy, with pre-preg upgrade to accurately control build weight.
Additional reinforcements for deck fittings and other highly loaded areas.
Internal structure pre-preg carbon/epoxy/foam sandwich.

Keel & Rudder:
3rd keel design iteration, currently using the Mk 3 Fabricated hollow fin, with composite and trailing edge fairings.
Rudder is light weight upgraded option pre preg carbon modified design and cord length.

2018/19/20 upgrades include:
- New engine 2019.
- Full fairing and respray of entire hull.
- Full redesign of cockpit for improved ergonomics - including winch relocation, traveller system moved and helmsman location altered.
- New rudder setup built by Carrington Boats.
- Rudder position moved forward by 650mm.
- New fabricated hollow steel fin (-150kg)

Winch System:
Arabella is installed with a custom Lewmar winch and pedestal system, supplied and installed by Diverse Yachts, with the following:
2 x Lewmar 60/3 GPST BK Roller SB CF Winch – Primaries
2 x Lewmar 50 GPST BK AL Winch – Mainsheet (Starboard winch converted to Counter Rotating)
1 x Lewmar 50 GPST BK AL Winch – Pit
2 x Lewmar 50ST Evo Race+ Alloy Black Winch – Runners
Lewmar Pedestal System, including Custom Diverse Yachts String Drop System mounted off port primary drive shaft system
3 x Pedestal button control system
Custom Clutches on Gearbox to engage Primaries and String Drop system
8 x Lewmar 250 OneTouch Power Grip Winch Handle

Navigation & Electronics:
B&G H5000 system
3 x B&G 20/20 Displays – mounted on mast bracket
3 x B&G GFD Displays – mounted on mast bracket
Simrad HS70 GPS Compass mounted on centre aft stanchion
B&G ZG100 Compass mounted on Cockpit floor Aft
B&G Simrad Lowrance Precision 9 Compass mounted on Aft Bulkhead below
On Deck Wi-Fi Ariel
G-Tack under deck waterproof computer – no deck screen supplied with yacht
2 x B&G StringPot – Rudder angle and Headstay Rake
1 x through hull speed Transducer (Option for one to be installed in bulb, forward of Fin)
1 x Depth Transducer – faired into hull
Simple control panel and battery charger socket on engine box
2 x B&G H5000 Analogue Expansion Box
1 x B&G Motion Sensor

Deck Hardware:
Harken CRX Jib track and car - upgraded from Standard.
Harken main traveller track and car – extended to 2.7m November 2018
3 x Spinlock XXA Clutch in pit (2x Tackline, 1x Port MH Halyard)
Custom turning sheave in Pit for Halyard hoists - Custom cross lead, high load, titanium wheel.
2 x Spinlock XXA remote clutch on primary kite sheets (trip line led to primary winches)
2 x Constrictor jammer on secondary kite sheets (trip line led to primary winches)
Custom kite sheet sheave and wet box for kite sheets installed by Alpha Plus UK Ltd.
2 x sliding forehatch – one setup for full inshore with Staysail and sheet slots, the other setup for heavy wind days with small slot in centre. Including Facility for pneumatic seal.
Forehatch open close system, operated from pit and easily interchangeable between hatches
Custom autoclaved Tiller built by Carrington Yachts – carbon finish
New composite round stanchions fitted plus spare set of standard aero carbon stanchions

Under deck systems:
Harken 2 speed Hydraulic pump, operational from companionway hatch with remote release (no hand pump visible on deck)
Underdeck 2:1 downwind jib sheet led aft
4 x carbon fibre spinnaker sheet take-up reelers mounted below. All custom 2 x Tropical/Diverse 2 x Alpha Plus UK.
1 x carbon fibre port masthead/jib halyard take-up reeler
2 x jib in/out handline carbon fibre automatic (bungee) take up-system
1 x carbon fibre skyline wheel with automatic (bungee) take-up system
1 x Diverse Yachts Deflector handline take-up reeler.

Arabella has undergone extensive cockpit and deck modifications since new, most recently in the 2018/19 winter season.
These included the rudder moved forward by 650mm, mainsheet winches positioned further inboard and aft of the helm position and general cleaning up of the cockpit systems.
Control systems were moved to improve ergonomics as well as declutter the cockpit and deck.
New through deck fittings for dog-bone loops and outboard lead positions were installed, with custom 3d-printed waterproof plugs to decrease water ingress while not in use.
A new traveller system was designed an installed, significantly decreasing friction within the system, providing a 15:1 purchase system while saving approximately 8kg.
This system was also installed on the Jib car in/out, with a 3:1 purchase in front of it, giving a total purchase of 45:1, which enables it to be used with ease at full sheet load.


"Arabella" has a 2016 Southern Spars mast and boom package.
Built from high modulus carbon, with grand prix detailing and finishing throughout.
P = 17.100 m
I = 16.575 m
J = 4.930 m
E = 5.670 m
BAS = 1.705 m
RM @ 1º = 2,062 kgm

Rig Configuration:
2 Spreader Sets, Keel Stepped
Section Size 243 mm x 121 mm, Tapered
Tube Length 20.020m *
Approximate Bare Tube Weight 68.5 kg
Fighting weight 170kg.

Standing Rigging:
Carbon C6 headstay
Carbon C6 Standing rigging
Carbon C6 running backstays (new March 2019)
Full standing rigging package: 16kg
Original back stays available as good working spares.

Upgrades include:
High modulus mast upgrade - 22kg weight saving.
High modulus boom upgrade - 9kg weight saving.
Full titanium fittings upgrade - 3kg saving
Custom Instrument Bracket.
Upgraded runner mounting in mast tube, works completed by Alpha Plus UK Ltd. to drawings supplied by Southern Spars (September 2016)
Integrated deflector system, upgraded custom geared wheel system can be adjusted at 70% of full runner load, with handline takeaway. Tropical Engieering/Alpha Plus UK system.
Adjustable headstay arrangement, using Harken hydraulic ram and pump mounted below, adjustable from companionway hatch - Custom Alpha Plus UK Light Weight Hydraulic installation.

Main Halyard Lock
Code 0 cassette lock
Jib halyard cassette lock
Fractional Halyard cassette lock
Full Locking Bullet set & spare Jib and 2x Main Halyard Lock Strop
Internal tangs for Southern Spars Rig
Gorilla head stay foil for use with EC6 Headstay – New August 2019 (& 1 usable spare)
1 x PBO Headstay Strop, plus others for use with various rake settings.
1 x deflector leg set and tacos
Custom jib cunningham taco system.
Matt black painted finish
Max forestay working load: 5,100kg.
Vang control led aft with exit on deck.
2 x KZ 2t Furler for Mast-head and Fractional Code Zero
Enerpac hydraulic hand pump for mast ram – removable.

Complete running rigging package for inshore racing with spares (full inventory can be provided upon request) using Marlow top end products, with pure PBO and PBO/Tech blended lines.
Mostly SK99/SK99Max cores

1 x Autoclaved carbon fibre bowsprit built by McConaghy with Aluminium pig nose setup and rod bobstay, standard Ker40+ STL length
1 x Autoclaved High Modulus carbon bowsprit built by Green Marine, project managed by Alpha Plus UK Ltd. with 3d printed titanium pig nose and rod bobstay. STL length + 300mm.
Both bowsprits are setup to run 2:1 tackline for code zero, with retractable Titanium sheet catcher. Can be changed over very quickly


Entire inventory from North Sails UK.
Dick Parker and David Lenz designs in the majority.
2019 inventory design input from AC/TP designer MIcky Eckert.

J1.5C RAW 870
J2-E RAW 870
J3-C RAW 870
J3+-A RAW 870
A1.5-C SK60
A2-C SK75
A2+-C SK75/90
Spin Staysail 3Di RAW 760
HELIX cableless MH0

MN-C Mainsail 3Di RAW 870 (October 18)
J2-D 3Di RAW

Mainsail, Mn-B, 2017, 3Di Raw 870, 16800.
J1.5-B, 2017, 3Di Raw 870, 12600.
J2-C, 2017, 3Di Raw 870, 16800.
J3-B, 2017, 3Di Raw 870, 19600.
A1.5-B SK60/50
A2-B SK75/60.
A2+-B SK80/60.
A4-B SK150/90.

J4-A, 2016, 3Di Raw 870, 22400.
MHO-A, 2016, ODL -04.
FRO-A, 2016, ODL -04.
Staysail, GS-A, 2016, 3DL 860m, 10850.
Staysail, SS-A, 2016, ODL-04.
Storm Jib, 2016, Dacron.

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SubcategoryRacing Boats
Mooring CountryUnited Kingdom
Year built2016
Length12.8 m/42 ft
Categoryfin keel
Engine manufacturer30hp
Material hullcarbon fibre
£ 133,901
SubcategoryRacing Boats
Year built2021
Length10.06 m/33 ft
Sail area -
McConaghy Factory China, China
SubcategoryRacing Boats
Year built2021
Length14.02 m/46 ft
Sail area -
McConaghy Factory China, China
£ 186,642
SubcategoryRacing Boats
Year built2011
Length13.72 m/45 ft
Sail area -
£ 392,346
SubcategorySailing Boats
Year built2020
Length12.5 m/41 ft
Sail area -
McConaghy Factory China, United Kingdom
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