Brabus Marine have done it again, bringing even more blistering pace and the archetypal superboat-looks with the release of the new Shadow 900 at Boot Düsseldorf 2020. 
The Brabus Marine alliance combines Brabus with Axopar, two giants in their respective fields. It seems the perfect match: German engineering coupled with proven Scandinavian design.
Finnish boat builders Axopar have been quite the phenomenon, since their launch in 2014, growing substantially to become one of the fastest-growing marine businesses in Europe and reaching their target of producing 1000 boats per year. Their growth is well deserved, their sports weekender design has encapsulated the needs of many types of boaters and enraptured the motoring audience with its striking appearance and enhanced functionality.
For the petrolheads, the other half of the joint-venture needs no introduction. Brabus is a world-renowned, remanufacturing company and the largest Mercedes Benz tuner in the world. The name Brabus is synonymous with luxury, high performance and exclusivity. With over 40-years worth of experience in record-breaking supercar engineering at the very top-end, you are hard-pushed to find anyone better at taking already near-perfect machines and improving them to every spec and detail, with a focus on performance and state of the art manufacturing. 
Following their success, Axopar was a clear choice for Brabus to team up with to create a ‘G-Wagon of the waters’ - upgrading the 37 into the much anticipated Shadow 900. We spoke with Brabus and Axopar London Group’s Brand Director, Steve Handy at Düsseldorf about the partnership:
“The Axopar product is really in vogue, the energies and attitudes of both businesses are aligned well together. Essentially, a Brabus Marine product is an Axopar [...], they completely and utterly change it so that it’s unique - it’s finished in a different factory in a way you that you wouldn’t believe, with far more powerful engines and that exquisite limited run aesthetic.”
So in what ways has the Shadow 900 been enhanced?
Fitted with twin-supercharged versions of the Mercury 450R V8s, this latest model will reach up and over 60 knots of breathtaking speeds. The Shadow 500 and 800 were known to have impeccable handling and to no surprise, the 900 is no straight-line powerhouse either. Steve spoke with us on how forgiving these boats are on their twin stepped hull:

“There are obviously numerous boats in the industry all over the world that are made really fast, but fast boats generally need drivers to have experience and a real deep understanding of driving fast on the water. The Brabus concept is taking anybody who's never driven at these speeds of over 59 or 60 knots, which trust me on the water is really fast, and making it safe to do so.”

The adaptations to the already proven hull have allowed the new Shadow 900 to work harmoniously with the increased 40% of torque. The steeped, planted hull allows for superb visibility and a soft ride, making it a smooth passage maker at effortless cruising speeds of 30-40 knots. 

“So every part of the hull has had careful alterations, the spray rails are in a different position, the bow thrust has moved, the positioning, shape and angle of the chines and changes to the height of the gunwale. Even though the dimensions of the new hull are the same, somehow they’ve managed to create more space inside and it really is a better handling boat. It rides flatter, with less resistance making it easier for the engine to drive it through the water, improving the fuel efficiency.”

This is just the hull and the improvements don’t end there. The cabin has a ‘queen-size’ berth, with optional infotainment in the shape of a 42” TV and Apple tv connectivity. All of this comfort whilst still enjoying the outdoors is made possible from the lifting gull-wing doors. This is a game-changer amongst cabin cruisers, providing ample natural light and essentially having a new living space without feeling closed off from the anchored surroundings. These models come with the exclusive plush leather interior, removable quilted carpet mats and all of the Brabus branding touches you would expect throughout.

As with the Axopar 37 range, the Shadow 900 comes with varying options:

Shadow 900 Spyder

The fully open Spyder option is for ‘pure, unadulterated driving pleasure’. The open speedboat has excellent all-round visibility and allows you to fully immerse yourself in your surroundings.

Specification: Length 38ft 5in (11.73m) | Beam 9ft 8in (3.35m) | 60+ knots | 730 Litres
Shadow 900 Sun Top 
The Black Ops Limited Edition (1 of 37) Hand-finished Gun Metal Grey 
The Sun Top is the best combination of open and enclosed boating, giving the feeling of an open boat but with some weather protection to keep you sheltered.
On all models, there is an optional wet-bar package, with bags of handy storage lockers for all of your towables and kit. The helm is spec’d out with two Simrad glass bridge displays and the functional steering wheel has the bow thruster and trim tab controls close to hand. The electric roof on the Sun-Top can also come with optional side canopies for when the weather takes a turn. The helm seats swivel to create a large seating area for seven around the folding table, whilst being perfectly sheltered from above and below. Lucky owners can choose between Platinum Grey, White Grey or Glacier Blue and fabric options of either the Brabus Red or Cappuccino. 
The Brabus Shadow 900 really is a boat to behold, offering versatility, thrilling speed and style. Whether used as a tender for superyachts, a chase boat in the regattas or for the family to enjoy as the ultimate adventure vehicle; this is the pinnacle available on the market today.

Visit Axopar London Group here to find out more and enquire.


Tom Wilson
Boatshop24 Marketing Team
Published on 2020-02-19