Princess launches 1960s-inspired Limited Edition Seabobs to mark 50th anniversary

To mark Princess Yachts’ 50th anniversary the superyacht builder has teamed with Cayago AG to launch two Limited Edition Seabob designs. We think you’ll agree – these are the ultimate in stylish luxury seatoys!

The Princess Seabob design incorporates 1960s-inspired artwork by renowned artist Jaume Vilardell who was commissioned by Princess Yachts to create the brand’s 50th anniversary campaign artwork as part of their year long celebrations.

The Seabob F5 S Princess 50th Anniversary Limited Edition range is available in two designs - Lady `65 and Cubic `65 - and both are now available at a price of €11,255 each.

They are designed in modern lightweight construction and equipped with highly efficient electric drive systems. Made of high quality carbon, special ceramic coatings and seawater resistant precious metals, these are light but strong units.

The Limited Edition Seabobs promise a 40 metre diving range, easy handling and quality performance, so they are ideal for both experienced users and relative newcomers. Taking the Seabob F5 S as the base for the design, the Limited Editions are highly efficient and compact enough to make storage easy on a sizeable yacht.

Why did Princess Yachts and Cayago decide to partner on this project?

There is a strong synergy between Princess Yachts and Cayago as both companies aim to create premium quality products that deliver unparalleled performance using advanced technical advancements. Innovation and design is at the heart of both the Cayago Seabob and Princess Yachts making this the perfect partnership.

What makes it different?

The two versions of the Princess Yachts Seabob – the Lady’65 and the Cubic’65 - both feature unique illustrations and have been created as the perfect companion for the Princess 30M. Inspired by the style of the 1960’s both models feature a bespoke design and with their easy handling, 40 metre dive range and quality performance are the ultimate exclusive water toy.

Who is the customer?

The Seabob is lightweight and easy to use, making it the perfect water toy for all the family. These limited edition versions appeal perfectly to those people looking for something unique, who expect the highest levels of deign and performance from everything they use.

Video: Experience the Exceptional

This video gives insights into the company’s commitment to design excellence, evident in every detail of a Princess Yacht.



Boatshop24 Team
Published on 2016-03-03