Here's the stylish new IC-M25 Marine VHF from Icom

Icom’s new buoyant marine VHF radio comes with a host of impressive features – all making life safer and simpler for sailors and motor boaters.

The IC-M25 VHF floats and flashes when dropped into the water so losing it overboard is virtually out of the question. It has an elegant slim design, with the lightest body in the market for a floating VHF radio - just 220g. And here’s another innovative feature from Icom Marine - this radio has an extremely handy USB connector so you can charge it up from a variety of electronic devices.

The radio comes in two colours, metallic grey and marine blue, and the IC-M25 buoyant marine VHF is extremely comfortable to handle. Its large LCD display and laser cut, curved shape buttons are well laid out and provide simple and straightforward operation. We think the bigger screen will be a godsend when you’re out in wet or darker conditions.

Key Features of the IC-M25

This radio provides 5 Watts of transmit power on typical use and allows up to 11 hours of operating time with its internally sealed 1500mAh lithium-ion battery which provides even greater waterproof integrity. With its BC-217 charger, the radio can be charged in just 3 hours.

Audio output is high (550mW) so this radio can be easily heard even when in a loud cabin or out in stormy conditions. There are volume loud/mute functions that temporarily change the IC-M25’s volume to the maximum/minimum level at the touch of a button. It’s particularly handy that with changing background noise levels, you can easily adjust the volume level to clearly hear the incoming message.

The IC-M25 contains well known Icom features including favourite channel feature, dual/tri watch, one-touch “Tag” scanning and a 4-step battery life indicator. It also contains Icom’s unique AquaQuake feature which uses low-frequency sound waves to clear water away from the speaker grille.

An optional HM-213 waterproof speaker microphone is available which provides commercial grade operating convenience and durability for leisure users.

The Icom IC-M25 has a suggested retail price of £149.99 (inc.VAT). An optional extended 3 year warranty is available when customers register at

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Boatshop24 Team
Published on 2015-09-17