The first fully automated boathouse

The BoatCube is Europe’s first fully automated boathouse, offering an innovative indoor parking solution for exclusive motor/electric boats. The boats can be stored on multiple levels, one above the other, in a minimum of space – just like in a high-bay warehouse. Boat owners will love the BoatCube because it allows them to park their boats comfortably, flexibly and securely all year round, while guaranteeing that they are always ready for use and kept in ideal storage conditions.
The parking process itself is transformed into an exclusive experience, unique the world over. 
boatcube 1
© Boote Schmalzl 
Operators will be thrilled to offer their clients the BoatCube, a compact and space- saving way to park a great number of boats while simultaneously requiring a reduced shoreline and only a minimum of staff. The BoatCube is therefore an investment that pays for itself within just a few years, since far higher prices can be charged than for a regular parking space in the marina.
The BoatCube is patented and won the Innovation and Research Award of the Province
of Carinthia (placed 2nd in the SME category).
boatcube 2
© Boote Schmalzl 
The BoatCube’s Advantages
For boat owners:
• more security and flexibility in the way you use your boat and your time
• lower operational costs (the BoatCube doubles as winter storage; no extra storage or
retrieval necessary)
• more storage security (against theft, vandalism)
• improved value preservation due to ideal temperatures and humidity (heated all year
• environmental advantage: no chemical underwater coating used.
For operators:
• store more boats on a reduced shoreline (BoatCube is situated on your premises, only
the boat pick-up point is along the shore)
• lower staff requirements, since it can be operated by the boat owners themselves
• additional comfort, no winter storage necessary, in winter the clients can be charged
for hauling and launching
• the prototype has been tried and tested in the Boote Schmalzl marina (can be visited
all year round!)
boatcube 3
© Boote Schmalzl 
Boatshop24 Team
Published on 2016-11-23