Matching your lifestyle

The most important starting point when you begin to research buying a boat is understanding which types of boat will fit your lifestyle. This fundamental decision will ensure you get the most out of your life on the water. 
Whether you’re looking at a fishing boatsailing yacht, motorboats, a go-faster get-anywhere rib or a centrally heated cosy houseboat, the question is, which type best suits you, your family and the friends you're going to invite on board?
You need to think carefully and establish what it is you want to get out of your boat, how far you want to travel and what, if any are the physical limitations of your family and friends that need to be taken into consideration.
For example, if you’re into water skiing, there's little point in looking at sail boats or even ribs with a 4hp, 2 stroke engine; they're not going to be quick enough or powerful enough to do the job. 
Choosing the right boat is a big decision, but those that have ever regretted it have done so because they bought the wrong boat, not because boating isn't right for them.
Being on the water is a feeling that everyone enjoys, but finding the right boat to fit your lifestyle, experience and ability is a decision worth investing time in.