How much is it worth?

How Much is it Worth?


When you're trying to decide what price to sell your boat at, it's always worth doing what the buyers do, research the current market! This means browsing this website and looking through magazines like Boat Trader and noting at what prices Brokers and Dealers are selling your type of boat for, as well as private advertisers. Don't just look through for one month, look through for two or three months or longer, if time permits. That way, you may be able to spot the demand for your type of craft and whether they appear to be selling quickly.

Assessing your boat's market value

Remember to adjust the prices that you see to reflect the differences between the boats advertised and your boat. Your boat may well be worth more than those that you've seen advertised, depending upon several factors.

Tip - See our Valuation checklist and Price guide to help you assess your boat's value.

Setting the selling price

Once you've carried out your research and made allowances for the items listed previously, you should have a good idea as to what your boat is worth. Then you need to decide at what price to advertise your boat for sale.

If you decide to sell through a Broker, then you should tell them the price that you expect to receive for your boat and the reasons why. They'll advise you as to whether they feel you're being realistic, optimistic or indeed pessimistic. Based upon their knowledge and experience you can then make an informed decision as to what price to have your boat advertised for.

On the other hand, if you are selling privately, you should aim to set your price just below that advertised by brokers for an identical boat, leaving you room to negotiate with a potential buyer, to end up with what you are expecting and or hoping to receive.

But if you want to sell quickly, then you may have to think again. It's up to you.