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M J Lewis & Son (BoatSales) Ltd

1912 | St Mawes, Cornwall | Falmouth Quay Punt 28ft on deck, Gaff Yawl



M J Lewis & Son (BoatSales) Ltd

1978 | Mistley, North Essex | 26ft GRP Falmouth work boat GRP, traditional lines and rig of an ex working gaff cutter. Laminated douglas Fir mast. Long ballasted keel(internal lead ingots). Well laid up GRP in 1978, thickness of 10-25mm... (more)



Baltic Yacht Brokerage (BYB)

1987 | South Devon | Heard 23 based on the design of the Falmouth workboats, heavy displacement small cruiser with remarkably good performance and seakeeping. GRP hull with traditional sheathed deck and varnished wood coach... (more)



Neil Thompson Boats

1993 | Glandford, North Norfolk | Black Glass Fibre hull with red antifouling and white boot top, cream interior. Tan sails on varnished wooden spars. Hardwood gunwales, floorboards, seats and rudder.Gaff cutter with bowsprit, two complete... (more)